The Adventures of Marian, the slightly aggressive Librarian, #5 :

Love and Peril Behind the Check-out Counter

Chapter 8

“I’ve never had sex in a library before,” Zach said. His right arm was under his head; his left was around Marian.

“Haven’t you?” Marian asked, surprised. “Well, I guess most people don’t take advantage of everything the library has to offer.”

He laughed. She wasn’t sure why. “Does every library come with a sexy librarian that stays after hours?”

He had a point there. “I guess not. Maybe they should.”

He laughed some more, and squeezed her. “I’m getting hungry. Let’s get out of here. Your place? Or mine?”

“Not mine yet,” Marian said. She’d discovered he was a pushover for a sob or a sniff, or even a sad look.

“Mine, then,” he said. Leaned over and kissed her hard. “I’ll feed you raviolis in bed.”

“Yum,” she said, and made a show of licking her lips. She watched his eyes, and saw the minute he changed his mind. His eyes got bigger and darker……..

“You’re naughty. You know that? A woman with an incredibly dirty mind.” He grinned. “We can have the raviolis later. We’ll be hungrier later.”

“I’m hungry now,” Marian said, “but not for ravioli.”

Henny used to try to tell Marian it was part of their job as librarians, and as human beings, to try to spread happiness. Marian had said, “Piffle,” the last time Henny said something like that, but now she began to think maybe this was her calling in life. From the noises Agent Grant was making, she was certainly making him happy. And she herself enjoyed her present activity a great deal. And if you can make two people happy at the same time, you must be doing something right…….

Cue the organ music…..

We leave our intrepid library director, dear readers, dispensing happiness in the library, that wondrous place where you can find just about anything you want …….happiness…..books……sex……..

“Oh, yeah,” Agent Grant said. “…….just like that……just…….don’t stop now…..”

“Hang on,” Marian said. “Cut the organ music. We’re not done yet.”

“Damn right we’re not done yet. Come back here, woman…….”

“I want to see if Henny is going to be happy before—“

“Hush. Stop talking so much…….mmmm…….oh, yeah…oh, man……just like that, damn you’re good at this……”

Ahem. As I was saying, we leave our intrepid library director doing what she does best………but what does fate have in store for her loyal assistant?






i wish i could see it

i wish you could too
maybe i can take a picture of it and scan it

i wouldn’t be able to see it without the right software


describe it to me

it’s got a jewel on each end
well it’s just red glass
and the big post is gold
and one end is in my navel
and the other end is out

how big?

just little
but i like it

i think i like it too

and i told you about my hair

i’d like to see that too


and what?

i shouldn’t tell you
but you won’t tell anybody

ha ha



we’re friends aren’t we?

i don’t know

don’t you like me a little?

i don’t know
how would I know?

do you like to talk to me?


i know you don’t like sex, but if you did

i didn’t say i didn’t like it
i like it
i just like other things more

do you like sex with me?


if you could pick one person
to be with
who would it be?


i think we’re close to having cyber sex
what do you think?

that’s the only kind i ever have
but i want to have sex with you
don’t you know that?

Henny blushed. She was glad he couldn’t see her face.

i think you’re just trying to tempt me

is it working?

ha ha

what was the other thing that you bought?

it’s a piece of underwear
i shouldn’t tell you
it’s black
it pushes your boobs up together
not yours, mine
goes down to your hips
has rings to attach things on it
the man at the shop
wouldn’t tell me what you attach
maybe garters for hose?

i’d like to see you in that
i know what you do with those rings
and what you attach

you do?

you’d like it
i might like it too

tell me

come to me and
i’ll show you
put it on and come to me
you’ll like it
i promise

you’ll hurt me

i will
but I’ll also make you feel wonderful

maybe we can figure something out

She couldn’t believe she was thinking about it. She’d apparently forgotten what he did to her just yesterday.

But she was sitting here safe and sound, wasn’t she? She hadn’t been injured. Maybe she could take some Ibuprofen before she went.

Or a glass of wine. Or two. She had some wine up in the cupboard; she should put it in the fridge.

come to me

She resisted. That night, she resisted. But there were all the nights to come, stretching out ahead of her……….

come to me
come to me

maybe tomorrow







(for now)

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