screencaps from the Master and Commander DVD


The HMS Surprise

A Shape in the Fog

Under Attack

Lucky Jack's Gambit

The Butcher's Bill

Aubrey's Plan

No Braver Patient


The Ship of the Future

The Captain's Table

Turning of the Tide

A Small Surprise

The Storm

Man Overboard

Pride and Duty

Our Destination



Broken Promises

Batteries and Biology


Hollum's Weakness


The Doctor's Dilemma

Heal Thyself

The Fighting Naturalist

An Unexpected Find

Nature and Naval Warfare

Surprise is on Our Side

Against the Acheron

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Committed to the Deep

Captain's Orders

Requirements of the Service
invisible spacing break

100 Days

* images 2003 20th Century Fox Film Corp.,Universal Studios and Miramax Films Corp.*

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