A Fresh Start

There's no such thing. You hear about it a lot. Everybody, from ministers to furniture salesmen, wants to
help you make one or get one. Leave your mistakes behind; make a new life. We
talked about it, me and Lynn, when I was still in the hospital. Well, she talked
about it. I just listened; my jaw was wired shut. If anybody shoulda been able to make a fresh start, it shoulda been us. Bisbee was
only about 12 hours from L.A., but--for me anyway--it was about as different as if
it was on the other side of the world. I think it was the same for the
Bisbee-ites---LA was a foreign country. None of them knew anything about us except
what we told them. And we lied a lot. Lynn grew up here and she slipped back into the swing of things right away. She had
her dress shop, she had friends, she had family here. I had to work at it a little
more, but after I healed up, I found a job, and had somebody to talk to once in a
while, and I didn't need too much more than that. It seemed like everything was
gonna work out. We had our chance at a new life, our clean slate, our fresh start. But there's no such animal. You can't leave anything behind. Wherever you go,
whatever you do….you always bring your whole life with you.

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