This article was taken from a newspaper that was found, in April 2002, lining a
dresser drawer in the basement of a house about to be torn down to make way for
a parking garage.

Local Man Missing

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that a resident of our city, Mr. Budd
(sic) White, of 1839 N. Winston Street, is under investigation as a missing person.

Approximately two weeks ago, Mr. White traveled to Linden, CA, a town with a population of 165, for the purpose of visiting relatives, and has not been heard from since. He is now officially listed as missing.

Mr. White has lived in Bisbee since March of last year. He was employed by Patterson Construction at the time of his disappearance. Mr. Patterson granted this reporter an interview. He said that it is out of character for Mr. White not to get in touch with his family. He was then overcome with emotion and ended the interview.

Mr. White’s wife, Lynette White nee Bracken is the owner of the Cosmopolitan Dress Shop and is a native of our city, returning here after spending some years in Los Angeles. She was not available for comment.

According to Sheriff Herbert Hansen, every effort is being made to locate Mr. White. Law enforcement officials from Los Angeles, CA, where Mr. White was previously a member of the police department, are assisting the Linden police force in the investigation.

Det. Lt. Edwin Exley of Los Angeles, who is coordinating the investigation, says he remains optimistic that Mr. White will be found.


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